The Bagong Adventure, Largest and Most Complete Museum of Body in Asia Officially Opened By Minister of Education - Jawa Timur Park Group

30 December 2016
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30 December 2016, Comments: 0

After two years opened for public, on Saturday (12/24) afternoon, the Body Museum named The Bagong Adventure inaugurated by the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Muhajir Effendy MAP. Masterpieces from Jawa Timur Park Group which is the only museum body in Indonesia, and became the largest and the most complete in Asia that officially became one of the tourism objects which have education concept that complete several parks in Kota Batu.


Museum Tubuh (re: body museum) is one of Jawa Timur Park Group which have contribution to the advancement of education in Indonesia, especially for biology and medicine. Improving the quality of education and health improvement are the main purposes of Museum tubuh.

Museum tubuh has 1.4 hectares and divided into six floors, Museum tubuh gives good experience to learn the anatomy of the human body. Equipped elevators, escalators, and free health checks. The Bagong Adventure Museum Tubuh is divided into 16 zones starts from zone of teeth, ears, nose, so that the joint zone are equipped with modern multimedia facilities to support zones inside.

The most proud of Museum tubuh’s collection is the original human specimens preserved with plastinasi technique developed by Prof. Gunther Von Hagen. Plastinasi human body showed in special room, the exhibition room. It is the only one in Southeast Asia.



Located in main lobby museum with the icon of Indonesian’s puppet character, Bagong, the inauguration running smoothly. Mayor of Batu, H. Eddy Rumpoko, Ministry of Education Department, Dra. Mistin M. Pd, Head Department of Malang, Dra. Zubaidah, MM, Chief Kodim Commandant, Chairman of the Parliament, the directors of Jatim Park Group, Batu’s teachers and school principals , and several other attendens, including members of the media of mass media sharing.

In his speech, Muhajir said that the role of Museum Tubuh very helpful in quality growth and education development in Indonesia. “I saw the Museum Tubuh profitable in education field, especially for Batu and Malang. Nowadays the learning process is not only in the classroom, but more outside classroom. It is suitable to support teachers and students,” said cabinet minister who is also a former rector of Muhammadiyah University of Malang.


The delegation of Museum tubuh is Rinekso, the commissioner of Jawa Timur Park Group and special lecturer of The Bagong Adventure Museum Tubuh. Rinekso explained that Jawa Timur Park Group remains in his commitment to develop tourism object in East Java with the concept of Tourism and Education Park. “This is our first commitment to develop tourism object field. Besides for tourist, our tourism object also for students as education park. We hope the existence of Museum Tubuh that have Cadaver’s collection can be used properly for students and teachers,” clear him in his speech.


The mayor of Batu, H. Eddy Rumpoko also gave a speech in the inauguration of the museum which is located in one area of Jawa Timur Park 1. He appreciated the vision and mission of Museum Tubuh management for creating the development education field especially in Batu. “I thanked to Jawa Timur Park Group and Museum Tubuh that complete this tourism town with the largest and most complete Museum Tubuh Asia. Hope it can be used by Batu citizen especially and the other city,” explained the man who has been take hold of Batu’s mayor over two periods.


After following the whole speech, Muhajir Effendi as Minister of Education and Culture Department cut the ribbon then give his signature above ancient inscription made of marble, as a symbol of opening the museum that holds five collections of preserved human corpses.

Before leaving the location, the group invited down to 16 zones that spread across in Museum Tubuh. Don’t want to skip unique opportunity to explore zones in Museum Tubuh, Muhajir, on that afternoon with his first son tried one of education test brain and motorik in brain zone. Man who wore blue batik shirt asked to incorporate both hand by clenching his hands together, the minister who was enlivened the national media due to the notion issue of full day school is a person who uses the left brain work. His characters from the survey results with 90% accuracy are a kind of figure whose dedicated cold, and a perfectionist but also has a negative side, selfish.  “Well I was indeed a perfectionist,” said him with laughter accompanying the invited guests. “But you are selfish, though” said Eddy Rumpoko, then Muhajir laugh.

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